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It's important to remember that while this looks like a shopping cart, it's actually an automated waiting list system. The key thing to remember is that no money changes hands when you check out. You use the system to shop for the diapers you would like to get, and when you're happy with what you've chosen, you "check out" and the order gets placed into the queue, and lets you know how many diapers are ahead of yours. When we're ready to make your diapers, we'll contact you and arrange for payment, at which point we begin making your diapers. (and thereby giving you a much shorter turnaround time)

We require registration in order to create your waiting list because it allows us to get some relevant contact information from you, and also lets you log in and check your profile page to see where your order(s) stands, and gives you a general idea of how long it will be before it comes up - and even lets you change the diapers in your order before it comes due! And while it's unlikely to happen, remember that the price given is only an estimate, and does not include shipping or account for any price changes that may occur while your item is on the list.