• The way this listing works is simple - once your turn comes up, we'll contact you to figure out what design (4 inches square or less) you would like to put on your diaper, and what color fabric and snaps you would like to use. We CAN do larger designs and things like custom-embroidered flaps as well, but those are subject to additional costs that will be settled before we process your order. Custom-printed fabrics are not possible for this kind of diaper, as they need to be handled in much larger runs.
  • The outer layer is a flexible and waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL). The polyester outside will help prevent wicking moisture from the inside of the diaper onto your baby's clothing while letting air circulate to reduce the occurrences of rashes. (Unlike the rubber pants our mothers had to use.) The poly outer has a soft texture that'll have your patting that bottom over, and over again.
  • The inner layer is made of a smooth, athletic wicking jersey called "ProCool". This amazing fabric wicks moisture away from your baby's body quicker than any other fabric that we've tested so that the microfiber insert can do its job quicker and prevent leaks.
  • Between these two layers is a "pocket" for you to stuff with the included microfiber inserts or the insert of your choice. This design makes cloth diapering as easy as disposables for those reluctant family members or daycares. Just pop the diaper on and off like a disposable and remove the insert before dropping it into your wet bag or bin. It couldn't be easier! PLUS, pocket diapers are trimmer and don't require any special washing techniques like wool covers do.
  • The welt opening back makes it easy to slide inserts in and out, but protects your little one's skin from the microfiber insert's extreme moisture wicking power.
  • You'll notice that the diaper closes with snaps instead of Velcro. While hook and loop diapers are more convenient to put on your child, they also make it easier for your child to remove said diaper from his or her bum while you aren't looking. (Read: during naps and at bedtime.) Also, snaps are far more durable than Velcro after several washings.
  • You might be asking yourself, "how can a diaper be one-size?" Easy! The 3x3 snap up design adjusts the rise and leg holes to fit small, medium and large size babies (approximately 7-40+ pounds). You'll save money and space by not having to purchase a new set of diapers every time your baby has a growth spurt. Just buy your stash now and use them lovingly until your rascal is potty trained! Additionally, the POCKET PROTECTOR design includes an extremely wide waist measurement for those extra squishy babies!
  • POCKET PROTECTOR diapers feature a trim design through the legs for additional comfort and mobility for your baby.
  • If you are out and about, just roll the diaper up and snap the tabs together to prevent waste from smearing on the inside of your travel wet bag.
  • Reinforced tabs add detail and extra durability for the snaps.
  • Included is a 2 layer, microfiber trifold insert. (This gives you 6 layers in a trim package!) There are also additional 2 layer inserts and 1 layer boosters sold separately for your heavy wetting older child. Microfiber is incredibly fast at soaking up liquid and holding it.
  • The embroidered design is reinforced with extra PUL to prevent moisture from wicking through the design.


One-size pocket cloth diaper

"This is my diaper. There are many like it, but this one is mine."

You are purchasing a custom-ordered POCKET PROTECTOR one-size cloth diaper with your own design on it. POCKET PROTECTOR Diapers use only the best and most efficient materials to yield one of the best diapers you'll ever use. Plus, you get the added bonus of watching that cute, geeky bottom running around your house!



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DIAPER OUTER - 72% Polyester / 27% Polyurethane


DIAPER LINING - 100% Microfilament Polyester

DIAPER TABS - 72% Polyester / 27% Polyurethane

DIAPER INSERT - 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Made in the USA
Colors may vary slightly.