Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1) The website is the waiting list. You can browse diapers and add them to your cart. When you are ready to check out, your name and diaper choices are added to our queue.

2) You can see how many diapers are in the queue before you. NOT the total of orders ahead of you, but the total number of diapers. We felt that this would give you a realistic idea of your place in line.

3) Once we are ready to start making your diapers, we will contact you and give you the final price of your order. (With shipping.) We will then create an etsy listing for you and you will have 5 days to pay for your order. If you can’t place your order at that time, then we save your spot until the next month (approx. 30 days). If you can’t complete your order then, we’ll remove you from the waiting list and you’ll have to add your items again. No money changes hands until we are at your space in line.

4) Your personal waiting list spot can only hold 5 diapers at a time. So fill it up! There is a cool down period of 5 days before you can start a new spot entry. So if you want 10 diapers, you can get on the list with 5 diapers and then in 5 days you can start another “order” with your remaining 5 diapers. You can do this as many times as you like. We’re doing this to prevent people from claiming spots and then trying to sell them later. As well as making sure that everyone gets a fair chance at the diapers they would like to get.

5) You can update and change your diapers in your queue at any time. If we release a new diaper design that you just have to have, you can switch out any of your designs whenever you like. You won’t lose your place in line. If you like, you can remove diapers from your “order” at any time too. HOWEVER, please note that you cannot ADD items to your “order”. You can SWAP items, but you cannot ADD items. If you would like to add items, you will have to start a new order and get a new place in the queue.

6) Once a month, we will hold a drawing. 5 names will be chosen and each of those people will be able to purchase 1 diaper each at that time. This allows people who are further down the list to get a diaper as well.

7) PLEASE NOTE: Having a place in the queue does not guarantee you a diaper. It is not a contract and there is no specified amount of time we are giving you to complete your order after your spot in the queue is secured. There might be reasons beyond our control that cause us to stop making a particular diaper, and we’d have to refuse the sale of any of those diapers in the waiting list.

8) Prices MAY change while you are waiting for your turn. Any price change will be reflected in your queue listing. You can check your queue listing and your progress by logging into your account section of our website.
9) When you get to the front of the queue, it does not mean we will be contacting you immediately to process your order. We will only contact you when we are ready to start working on your order. We will take approximately 5-50 diaper orders a month and process those when we are ready. Then we will work on those orders for the next 4-6 weeks and then take the next batch of orders.

10) Diaper prices listed on the site DO NOT include shipping costs. We will calculate those for you before we process your order. Shipping for 1 diaper usually costs about $5. Each additional diaper is $2. But the USPS is constantly changing their rates, so prices are subject to change.